Tim&Ramon go international

Value auditor,

As from this weekend the internet site of Tim&Ramon (www.timenramon.nl that is) also is from the foreign country to approach. That means that you can as of now not only enjoy in Breda, not only in the Netherlands, but in the entire world this top programme!

Since the summer this year, ehm… Since there this year no summer are (Has been economised! As Pimmetje there still had been…), we expect of – mostly high training – auditors of our programme that they will book this autumn a lot of little weekends to the sun. To be able to leave enjoy them nevertheless, live, our show, we have deeply groped in the pouch. Our complete site has been transferred to an internationally contactable location.

Costs a couple pennies, but have then you also have what.

Thus, minimum up to 10 October 2008 (then the test subscription expires), Tim&Ramon’s Süpersjooow also on www.timenramon.nl

Much lustre pleasure!

Grtz, Tim&Ramon

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